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In this omnibus I will take apart every narrative chapter in the Five Books of Moses. You will find out that that Abraham may actually have sacrificed Isaac, and that Jacob may have had only seven sons instead of twelve. You will learn that according to the original story, the ancient Israelites escaped from Egypt immediately after the plague of darkness, and that only seven commandments were given at Mount Sinai, not ten. You will discover that a much younger Moses may have actually led the Israelites into the land and that they didnít need wait for Joshua or for God.
In the second volume of the Saviours of the Settlement, I trace the development of the Book of Judges from its divergent beginnings into the canonical text of the Book of Judges. In the beginning the "Judges" of this book were not judges in any sense of the word. Jephtah sacrificed his daughter, Samson was a profligate womanizer, and Micah stole money from his mother to build an idol. This and more - in the second installment of Saviours of the Settlement!