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In this omnibus I will take apart every narrative chapter in the Five Books of Moses. You will find out that that Abraham may actually have sacrificed Isaac, and that Jacob may have had only seven sons instead of twelve. You will learn that according to the original story, the ancient Israelites escaped from Egypt immediately after the plague of darkness, and that only seven commandments were given at Mount Sinai, not ten. You will discover that a much younger Moses may have actually led the Israelites into the land and that they didnít need wait for Joshua or for God.
It has often been posited that Northern Israel, the Israel of the Ten Tribes, was the literary cradle of Ancient Israel. Yet only two books in the entire Bible are recorded as having been written in the North, the Books of Hosea and Amos of the minor prophets. The rest of the Northern works have been lost to us, or have they? In my book series Kernel to Canon, I attempt to isolate the earliest versions of biblical books, employing the tools of higher biblical criticism.

Here you will find three Northern works I have uncovered. They are E: The First Book of God - which is a story of the patriarchs, the exodus, and the conquest of Canaan; N: The Book of Heroes - which is a story of seven Israelite Heroes, culminating in a Benjaminite monarchy; and The Israelite Magicians - which is the story of Elijah and Elisha, two Israelite prophet-magicians active in the late ninth and early eighth centuries B.C.E. These three works present a very different version of some of the Bibleís most memorable stories. Here, for the first time you will find them in one volume, without commentary, just the three stand alone works, available for the first time in 2700 years.